Helping People Manage their Medications and Live Independently!

     Pharm-Assist began as a small service aimed at meeting the medication needs of individuals in assisted living facilities over 10 years ago.  Since then the business has grown to include community residential services for men and women of all ages who need help managing their prescription medications. 

     Pharm-Assist is owned and operated by University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy graduate Jason Poquette.  Here is his story: "I have worked as a retail pharmacist for 15 years, and have worked as a clinical pharmacy instructor for the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy.  I have spoken publicly about the issues and importance of medication management, have written articles, and have made myself available as a resource to the community.  In my experience one of the greatest challenges facing seniors, and many others who want to live independently, is the effective management of their prescription medication needs.  Pharm-Assist was developed to meet the needs of many individuals struggling to find an affordable, safe and reliable resource to help manage their prescription needs.  I arrange for all refills, new prescriptions, deliveries, pill box preparation (when needed), and billing.  I even work with your doctor and insurance company to ensure you are getting the most cost effective therapy for your condition." 

     Our "product" is simply peace of mind about your medicine.  If you or a loved one need help managing any aspect of your prescription medication therapy, please contact us and let's discuss how Pharm-Assist can help you today.