Helping People Manage Their Medication and Remain Independent!

     Managing medications for yourself or a loved one can be complicated.  Keeping track of how many tablets you have left, making calls and trips to the pharmacy, arranging and organizing medication boxes, calling doctors for additional refills, managing costs, and dealing with prescription insurance issues can be overwhelming. 


    Pharm-Assist takes all the worry away.  We have been managing patient medication profiles with over 20 years experience in the pharmacy industry.  Once enrolled, all of your medications will be automatically ordered, prepared, delivered, and charged to your account.  We are not a pharmacy, but will work with your local pharmacy to provide you the best pricing available, utilizing every resource to reduce your monthly costs. 


     100% Satisfaction Guarenteed!  If you are not completely satisfied with the Pharm-Assist service you can cancel your membership at any time.  No questions asked. 

Now Serving The Blackstone Valley in Massachusetts!